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Choosing between a big box, traditional real estate brokerage and a boutique firm is clearly a choice and depends largely on an individual client's need. There are, however, stark differences one must take into consideration when choosing the firm that best represents you when buying or selling a home.

Big box brokerages can have a variety of benefits, such as the presence of a big name and logo that stands out and is recognizable from state to state, it's large buildings on the corner of a major intersection that's easily accessible and the staff on hand, to name a few. Years ago, this made a significant difference, but the dawn of the internet has changed it all. The playing field is even, making it possible for every Realtor the opportunity to access and market equally. Another drawback for the big box agencies is that everyone is treated the same way, whether you are an agent or a client. You become a number, another statistic in a revolving door of people coming and going. Things are automated and a sense of personal services slips away. There isn't much in the way of agent loyalty and retention to the brand, and in many cases agents are left to fend for themselves and oftentimes do not have the proper tools to provide their clients with the very best service they could be getting.

The boutique difference is fundamental and focuses on a strong relationship style that encompasses the experience of the buying or selling real estate with professional, full time Realtors at your side. We actively participate in an ongoing fashion to train and mentor our agents so that they are better prepared to handle any kind of real estate transaction with professionalism and confidence, creating a smooth and desirable outcome. Our White House Realty agents are full time Realtors that are trained to sell, represent, skillfully negotiate and build relationships within the community. Our clients are special to us and often times become like family. We make sure the experience they have is always one of a kind and memorable. The importance of a strong owner-to-agent mentor relationship is critical to agent success and client satisfaction.

At White House Realty, we use all the cutting edge tools in technology and social media to best market and service our clients, no matter what their income level or which direction the market is leaning. Whether it's a seller's market or buyer's market, we will never shortcut our services or "fall asleep at the wheel".

Our highly trained agents and staff include 3 Realtors, 1 office manager and 2 admin/marketing support personnel, and Broker/Owner Kristin White working as a team, together making any necessary changes and decisions as they present themselves with clients and agents to create a harmonious, successful experience. We believe each person is unique and we know that by custom tailoring a buying or selling experience for each client is the best service we can offer.

We focus on the person, the lifestyle and the experience!


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