What our clients are saying...

Jarrad & Jessica L.
After "interviewing" several agents to help in my home search, I found that Kristin's strong DIY background and extensive Boulder County knowledge was a perfect fit for my needs.  We explored housing options all over Boulder county (and beyond) before making an offer on my current house in   Longmont. Being a first time homebuyer, I had a ton of questions and Kristin took the time to slowly explain all of the "ins and outs" of home buying. Throughout the entire buying process, she was very attentive to my needs and responded to my emails within minutes. After the sale she still answers my random home-owner questions and even took my family to find our first Christmas tree. If you are looking for a personable, attentive, knowledgeable agent, I would highly recommend Kristin.

Sean & Amber P.
I found Kristin because she is the only one who answered the phone to show me a house a couple of years ago; her responsiveness and availability is excellent. This is now the third house I have purchased with Kristin AND have never put an offer on a house and not gone under contract. In Denver's   market this speaks volumes to her skill!!! She knows how and when to negotiate and will make certain you get what you want! If you need a reliable realtor to get you a house in Denver's competitive market, stop looking, you found her!

Brittany S.
Kristin had high energy from the start and got us excited to look for our first home.  She was ready and willing to go out with us whenever it worked best for us.  This meant we looked during the week (sometimes it got to be 8:30 before we were done looking) and all hours of the day on the   weekends.  She even chauffeured us around.  Kristin had great insight into the market, and once we found our home, she worked hard to get the price where we wanted it and kept us informed the entire process.  We were able to close on our home in 20 days (yes, 20 days!), and completely moved in the following weekend.  Just in time to show it off over the holidays!

Josh B.
I have never purchased a home before, but from the very start, Kristin was there to help. When I first contacted her about working with her to find a place, I emailed her at around 11:30pm, not expecting her to contact me until the next morning. However, I received a reply within minutes (she   happened to be available, but please don't assume you will receive this service all the time, she has to sleep at some point!) and we went scouting a day or two later.
Once I had found a place I liked, Kristin made the purchase process a breeze and used every skill at her disposal to ensure that I was able to make the purchase and as quickly as possible. She is a truly dedicated agent with a fantastic personality and I'm very glad that I was able to work with her. If I do ever decide to move again, I would consider her a valued asset in that process. 

Juliet C.
Kristin got us top dollar for our house in Denver and negotiated the purchase of our new home in Evergreen. All that back-and-forth can be stressful but Kristin managed it expertly. Her constant situational awareness concerning both parties involved is   an intangible asset to have in your corner. Kristin has an ability to feel out the other party’s intentions with great accuracy… this can only come from her years of experience. She keeps it professional throughout the process but she also has fun… this is a Realtor who really knows her stuff.

Denny and Linda S.
Kristin is the BEST realtor we have ever had!  She was professional, knowledgeable, responsible & FANTASTIC with her marketing skills.  Her negotiation skills are the best we've ever experienced!  She sold our house that has been just sitting there for over a year with NO activity with our previous   realtor.  After we signed with Kristin she had it sold with an offer in 13 days!  THIRTEEN DAYS!!!  She is miraculous & we highly recommend her to anyone who wants to sell & get it done.  She is so full of energy & has such a kind presence to her & kept us calm when things got a little scary a couple of times.  What a GREAT realtor & person!!

Rusty S.
Kristin took over the listing on my historic old house after it had been listed with another agent for over 90 days. We had a contract within 10 days. The buyers were very picky and Kristin got us through the deal w minimal concessions. When sale started to look dicey after inspection, Kristin brought in experts to add context to the inspection report and defend our position. She was a great negotiator and gave me sound advice every step of the way. 

Zach O.
Kristin helped us find and purchase our first home in Longmont, CO.  She was amazingly responsive, and she offered deep knowledge about the area and was extremely helpful throughout the home-buying process.  She answered all of our questions, and we had many questions to ask as first-time home   buyers.  As an agent, we felt that she still had our best interests in mind - making sure we were buying something in an area where we liked in a place where we would see a return on our investment.  
She has a down-to-earth approach, and her sense of humor kept us hopeful when we were nervous that we might not find a home that we loved. Kristin is the best!

Tom Stafford (Citywide Home Mortgages)
As a Mortgage Professional for the past 15 years, I have worked with literally hundreds of Realtors.  I cannot think of one that has truly cared about her clients and THEIR needs as much as Kristin does.   Kristin goes well past just an extra mile to make sure her clients are taken care of and NONE   of them have ever expressed anything but sure joy at getting to work with her (or more accurately, letting Kristin get to work for them). 

Lisa B.
I required a last minute relocation to the Boulder area and completely lucked out in finding Kristin at White House Realty!  The day I reached out regarding a posted listing on the MLS, she contacted me within minutes and has displayed the highest level of service I have ever experienced with a 
realtor--having bought and sold many houses in my lifetime.  Beyond having complete confidence in her, given her experience in the area, she has actually made this transaction enjoyable--with a great sense of humor and lighthearted-ness that settled my nerves in what would ordinarily be such a stressful time.  I have a good mind to post her live "virtual photo tour" of the home to youtube (she did this during the inspection so that I could see every detail and ask questions as it took place) since her wry humor made me smile and giggle throughout.  I will be moving into my new home shortly due to Kristin's fast action and excellent advice.  I can't imagine finding anyone more competent and effective.

Scott & Joni F.
When we wanted to sell or house in Westminster, we had lived there for about 20 years. Change was going to be challenging for us. Kristin took the time and spent many hours making sure we understood the process and actually felt comfortable before we moved on to the next step. The personalized service and the amount of time she puts in to her customers is just unbelievable. We truly enjoy our home now in Henderson because she learned about what our capabilities were in renovations and didn't find us anything that would have been more than we could handle. She even had connections for people and companies that provide the services which we were not able to handle on our own. Overall, it was truly an outstanding experience. Kristin is a person who can turn a stressful situation into a good time. I will not go with any other realtor when I'm ready to sell this house.ever decide to move again, I would consider her a valued asset in that process. 

Kim R.
Kristin was fabulous.  She is extremely energetic and is on top of things right away!  There's never a need to worry when you are working with her.  She takes all the pressure and stress off of you and you would never know that selling a house can be stressful with Kristin in the picture.    She's amazingly creative when it comes to listing a property and pricing it and gets the job done with such professionalism.  I would highly recommend her to be your next agent.  I've now used her three times and she's amazing!!!!

Brett & Angela K.
Kristin went above and beyond the call of duty. She was available at a moment's notice to answer questions and quell any anxiety. When the sellers decided to purchase our home as a rental property, Kristin went door to door throughout our neighborhood to identify other rental homes so the appraiser  would have sufficient comps to calculate the value of our home. We have never encountered a real estate agent willing to go so far to sell a home for the best price possible.

Carolyn R.
Kristin has helped me buy and sell a personal residence as well as acquire 9 highly profitable rental properties. She takes the time to listen to what I want and then scours the market for the right home. Best of all, she follows through making sure that all the loose ends are cleaned up.

Doug T.
We met Kristin as the listing agent for a property we were interested in, we became customers/clients that afternoon for our purchase regardless of selection quickly, and ended up listing our existing home with her within the week.  We've worked with a lot of real estate agents, many of them  marginal, Kristin is one of the best. Here’s why: COMMUNICATION: She stays in constant contact with you as a client. What seems insignificant or trivial to most agents is part of the daily dialogue with Kristin, she doesn't miss things that could be important to a buyer/seller.  PROACTIVE: She initiates calls, she chases down potential properties, she tells you what buyer activity is occurring with your listing. SHE IS MOTIVATED: You always feel like you are Kristin's top priority.  SHE UNDERSTANDS YOUR TIME FRAME:  We had specific time lines required to move out of our existing property and into our new home and she made absolutely sure that everyone in the transactions understood and worked towards that.  REALLY REALLY GOOD.  That's what Kristin is. 

Judd L.
Kristin White was referred by a friend. She is very easy going and accommodat-ing when it came to my difficult schedule. She was able to help me sell an income property that I shared with an out of country partner. She was able to make several recommendations to help retain the property value and was able to get my house sold within 18 days for almost the exact amount of the asking price in a buyers market. Through this process she has not only not only became my real estate agent of choice but she has become a friend
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